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80% of New Year's Resolutions FAIL by February!

Every year thousands if not millions of people set a New Year's resolution to lose weight. But by February almost 80% of people give up or forget about their resolution. Why is it that so many people give up with their weight loss resolution? The answer is weight loss is difficult! 

I've been there in the gyms with people coming up to me and asking for weight loss advice. And the problem is there just isn't enough time in a PT session to really teach someone how to lose weight consistently, or how to maintain their results long term. And others want overnight results which sets them up for failure before they even reach the gym. 

Learn 2 Lose Weight

This year why not learn from a team of coaches with experience as a PT, with degrees in Exercise and Health Science and Psychology. Together we have developed a course which takes you from the beginning of your weight loss journey right through to transitioning from your diet to your new ideal weight. Because nobody ever tells you the challenges you will phase for months after you reach your target weight. Nobody tells you the struggle of holding onto your ideal weight while your body is fighting to get back to it's normal weight.

Starting a Diet:

There are so many diet methods out there it can be pretty confusing to choose one that works for you and get started. And truthfully no diet method is better than another. They are simply better suited to certain lifestyles. We address the three key things you need to think about when selecting a long term diet.

Tackling Slow Metabolisms:

Having a slow metabolism is actually a MYTH! The real problem is that we have a slowing metabolism. All body tissue, fat included, is metabolically active. So the problem with losing weight is that we lose metabolically active tissue. And by doing so our ability to lose weight decreases. In this course we tackle this metabolism problem by planning and working around the problems our slowing metabolism throws at us. 

Long Term Planning:

Starting a weight loss journey requires a long term plan. Think about it, you wouldn't set off on a long car journey without knowing where you were going and have multiple stops planned along the way. Your weight loss journey shouldn't be any different. 

Why Should Your Learn With Us?

Our idea to create this course was to try help more people achieve their weight loss goals than we would be able to do through 1-1 coaching. 

We are providing you with lifetime access to the course so that you can follow along at a rate that works best for you. And if at any point you have to put your weight loss journey to the side, you can return to this course to start over when you are ready.

Early Bird Course Content

Currently we are offering an early bird membership which provides you with access to 3 modules of the course. And gives you a chance to provide feedback to us so we can make the course better for you. The modules that are currently published include:

  • Module 1: Basic Principles of Weight Loss
  • Module 2: Starting Your Diet and Weight Loss Journey
  • Module 3: The Slow Metabolism MYTH
  • BONUS: How To Self-Assess Health and Fitness eBook
  • BONUS: Calorie Schedule Template

Early bird members get all future modules included without paying any extra. This is our thank you for providing feedback and helping support us while we develop more content.

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