Beginners Core Workout: 8m Abs Blast At Home

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8m Beginners Core Workout

Minimal Equipment at Home Workout

8m Beginners Core Workout Overview:

There are 4 rounds, each round has 3 exercises. You will be doing each exercise for 30 seconds consecutively with 45 seconds rest between each round.

The only equipment you need for this is a water bottle or a small object which you can pick up and move under your chest while you hold a press up position.

Exercise Descriptions:


Round 1:

Single Leg Reverse Crunch:

Start by sitting on the floor with your hands by your sides and fleet flat on the floor in front.

Lean back slightly and brace your core muscles.

From here raise one foot off the floor and pull your knee to your chest.

Reverse this action and alternate sides each rep.

Lateral Crunch / Heel Taps:

Stay seated with your feet flat on the floor.

Lie all the way back and then raise your head and shoulders up off the floor.

Bend at the side and reach to touch your heel.

In a smooth motion reverse this action and continue to the opposite side.

Bent Leg Side to Side Raises:

Sit upright again like the reverse crunch starting position.

From here bring your feet together and raise them off the floor.

Keep your knees bent to make this exercises easier.

Move your legs up and over an imaginary hurdle in a side to side action.

Avoid your feet touching the floor.

Use your hands by your side to help control the movement.

Complete all exercises for 30 seconds.

No rest between each exercise.


Round 2:

Pullthrough Press Up Plank:

Start in a press up position with a water bottle or object by your side.

Lift one hand off the floor reach under your chest and pick up the object.

Pull the object through to your opposite side and place it down.

Return to the press up position and repeat with the opposite side.

Only reach as far as is comfortable for you.

Side to Side Planks:

Stay in the press up position to start with.

From here shift your weight onto one foot.

Open up your body by raising your opposite hand off the floor.

Rotate all the way round so that you are facing the side and in a side plank hold.

Hold this for 1-2 seconds before returning to the starting position.

Continue on to the opposite side and alternate sides each rep.

Plank Hip Twists:

From the press up position, place your forearms flat on the floor.

Act as if you are trying to push your forearms through the floor to engage your upper back.

Brace your core throughout and breathe as normal.

Use your feet to control the movement of your hips going from side to side.

Stop before your hips touch the floor, avoid bouncing off the floor.

Complete all exercises for 30 seconds.

No rest between each exercise.


Round 3:

Reverse Crunch:

Start seated on the floor just like in round 1.

Lean back further to increase the difficulty.

From here raise both feet off the floor and pull your knees to your chest.

Lateral Crunch / Heel Taps:

Complete the heel taps the same as in round 1.

To increase the difficulty aim to raise your shoulders further off the floor.

Or to make this easier reset in between each rep.

Straight Leg Side to Side Raises:

Again start in the same seated position from round 1.

Then raise both feet off the floor.

Aim to have your legs straight, a slight bend at the knee is okay.

Continue with the side to side raises.

Bend your knees more if you need to make the exercise easier.

Complete all exercises for 30 seconds.

No rest between each exercise.


Round 4:

Pullthrough Press Up Plank:

This time start to see how far you can reach and place the bottle or object.

Also consider your foot stance, wider is easier and narrower adds more of a balance and stability challenge.

Side to Side Planks:

Focus on your hip alignment, don't allow them to drop close to the floor.

You should create a straight line from head to toe.

Drop to your knees or forearm to make this easier.

Plank Hip Twists:

Complete the same as in round 2.

Increase speed if you can but remain in control of your movement throughout.

A wider foot stance will make this easier, narrow will increase the difficulty.

Workout Complete

For more beginners core workouts plus HIIT workouts for all levels check out my YouTube channel. I will be posting more content on my channel soon!

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