What We Do?

Here at S2 Health and Fitness we believe anyone can achieve their weight loss goals with the right level of guidance. We base all of our weight loss programmes from years worth of scientific knowledge. This is knowledge that we aim to pass on to you during your weight loss journey so that you can continue on and move beyond needing personal training or coaching. 

What We Believe?

  • Weight Loss Requires NO EQUIPMENT
  • Exercise Can Be Done ANYWHERE
  • The right exercise WILL boost productivity
  • over time your energy levels WILL Rise
  • Sharing your success with others keeps you motivated


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2019 & Beyond:

our Journey & aims

Started my studies in Edinburgh and gained my Level 3 Personal Training Qualification before moving on to Aberdeen to study Exercise and Health Science.

S2 Health and Fitness was founded. I started of small helping friends with free coaching. I gained a position as a Fitness Consultant within the gym of the top class facility Aberdeen Sports Village (ASV).

I've helped and continue to help a large number of people directly at ASV Gym while S2 Health and Fitness formed an online HIIT training group which reduced my hours spent coaching to complete my final year at university.

In the summer of 2019 I graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a 2:1 in Exercise and Health Science. My aim is now to share the knowledge I have gained with others that are looking to lose weight. I will be doing this through online personal training and by revamping the HIIT training group to allow complete beginners to exercise start with this amazing training method for weight loss.

About Me

The face of s2 Health and Fitness

Hi, I’m Stuart Campbell.

As mentioned already I'm a certified PT that recently graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a BSc in Exercise and Health Science. I started S2 Health and Fitness largely to help friends but also to challenge my coaching ability by expanding to online services. After testing a few online training apps I now coach through the Trainerize app which provides amazing ways to track progress. Trainerize also allows for group training which is one of my personal favourite additions to the app. Group training has massively boosted the way clients engage with the service and get their results.

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