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The "Learn 2 Lose" Method

The main aim of my coaching method is not only to get you the results you are dreaming about but to set you up so that you can keep your dream body even after you are done with my coaching.

Goals and Commitments

In a 30 minute call we discuss your goals turning them into a series of commitments you will make in order to achieve them, with or without my coaching.

Education and Progression

As a coach it is my job not only to get you results but to teach you along the way so that you never need another personal trainer or coaching service again.

Sustain and Maintain

Once you hit all your goals what is the next step for you? Many people rebound because they don't know what to do next or how to keep a hold of their results.

about ME

Why I Created The "Learn 2 Lose"

Coaching Method

Hi, I’m Stuart Campbell.

I developed this online coaching method because in the gym I was limited to only being able to help people for just 1-2 hours of their week. That was enough time for a quick workout and a brief chat about nutrition. That left me feeling like I wasn't providing the client enough to really transform their life. 

Whereas now by working online I can be there virtually 24/7 to provide support to my clients. I go beyond just providing the exercise and nutrition plan, I'm there to help you implement them and make changes when needed almost instantly. Plus by coaching online I'm no longer tied to the gym, our exercise plans change to suit the clients environment not mine.

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How Online Coaching Works

Access everything from the S2 Fitness app.

Your workout plan, nutrition guide and instant messaging features are all accessed from my personal S2 Fitness app, hosted by Trainerize. 

Take control of your schedule

Can't make it to a scheduled workout? No problem, simply drag and drop to reschedule to a day that suits you. 

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Share your motivation and success stories with other members of my coaching programme. I share all tips and important information here first.

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